About Us

About Us

Tonguefetish.net was founded in January 2000 by Mike Sprite, a video producer on the east coast of the United States. Our mission is to find and document the longest, sexiest female tongues in the world and produce high quality DVDs and streaming video that you will find erotic, artistic and unlike anything you have ever seen.

Tonguefetish.net presents a collection of top quality all-original video presentations of beautiful women showing off their sexy, long tongues and big wet mouths! Some videos are solo, others have 2, 3 or 4 girls .. kissing, licking and tongue-sucking ! You may have never seen videos like these!

We have two major commitments:

1. To find these extraordinary women and produce amazing videos.
2. To provide outstanding service to our customers.

So far, we have shipped 5000+ Tongue Fetish tapes and DVDs to customers all over the world, from Tokyo to Australia to Nebraska! We hope you will become another of our very “satisfied” customers.

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